Fear of Mirrors

by (NO) Chromosome

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I think I've seen this view before The clouds, the way they smell when you touch them I'm pretty sure that I've had this dream before A silver chrome burning kiss on the back of the head A gentle flick of the switch Blissful end of transmission That should do the trick I remember moving, I remember feeling things I should've stick to the plan That undeserved sense of wisdom surely fucked me up It's like some foods, they seem delicious at first But once you try them They leave a rotten taste in your mouth And you don't know how to wash it away
Hey! What’s that spilling from your mouth? Hey! What’s that filth dripping from your eyes? It’s a new kind of rhetoric It’s a new kind of sludge Dense and viscous Vicious blabbering Spilled like a flood From a head full of shit Hey! What are you looking at? Hey! What are you looking at? Choking in your own lies Choking in your own lies I see you about to explode And I lick your lipless mouth Your eyes bleed as you snort Your breath stinks up the place What you’ve said? Nothing but filth from a head full of shit
They keep seeing things Knowing smiles, a shared secret code I must be somewhere else This function eludes me but it's ok I can always pretend "It's not you, it's me" It's everything, actually, but you know what I mean And I guess sometimes I DO see what they see And isn't it scary? Defeated and fading away Unable to put the pieces together Too scared to burn the puzzle down So what am I? Dress me Like a nightmare Comatose and free Nail my tongue to the floor
The stakes are being brought to the ground They do exist but we see no evidence We don't see clues to widespread, large-scale engineering, and consequently we must conclude that we're all alone. It should also be kept in mind that, truly advanced engineering would look like magic to us or be unrecognizable altogether We make our own new mass extinction And we hope to last forever in a dead world Star metallicity declines. The X-ray and gamma ray radiation from the black hole at the galactic center, and from nearby neutron stars, becomes less intense. Hence a galaxy's habitable zone may be a ring sandwiched between its uninhabitable center and the outer reaches. Sixth mass extinction, we are bringing our own demise
Won't you come and peel my skin? I promise I won't leave Won't you please forgive my sins? I promise they weren't cheap And if we're measured up by guilt Then whose robe is this?
Disappointment Failure Drop out I am you Your dark clouds of destruction and death Your raw bleeding Tenderness Lazy Selfish Quitter I am you Your silent noise The naked cruelty At the bottom of your eyes
Madonna 03:35
There was this rabbit hole, going down so warm There was this rope, a gentle loving touch And the shapes I failed to see Kisses with bitter lips There was a home, almost grasping some meaning or love There was lightning and thunder, old new gods And mistakes that come with age Infatuation and regret And when all was said and done So many of them were gone Learn this lesson Falling so strong
A tragedy in reverse or the burning urge to burn A wordless monologue A living study on futility A tiny dot on the distance Just a dream So serene Cutting my fingertips on these splintered edges Legs resign, no more walking around Every conversation finished, locked and burned A fading impression of the last hurtful expression The bitter taste that never went away All at once and no direction at all
Storm 03:44
Daddy Issues 05:17
A silent conversation between deaf ears Twenty knives hanging over my head I bet you'd show no pain at all Sometimes I think that we're equally broken I thought I was done writing songs about you and me Maybe we're bonded by sickness I thought I was done fearing mirrors And here I am staring at a shattered reflection of our face I guess we both turned out wrong Mutually un-approved Clenched fists and sad eyes That's all that's left for us
Any Day Now 03:24
One of these days Mr. Opportunity gonna be knocking on my door One of these days I'll read the writing on the wall One of these days I'll be a spectator in an audience of whores One of these days I'm gonna run until I fall One of these days I'll win the lottery and wake up a millionaire One of these days I'm gonna get myself a job One of these days they're gonna stop the world and I won't even care One of these days I'm gonna finally believe in God One of these days I'm gonna grow up to become the President One of these days I'll find the woman of my dreams One of these days I'm gonna find these truths to be self evident One of these days I'll blow my brains out on T.V. One of these days One of these days One of these days I'm gonna get in shape, become an astronaut One of these days my fears are gonna fall down the stairs One of these days I'll sell my soul and let them find out what they bought One of these days I'm gonna shave off all my hair One of these days I'm gonna learn to play and write myself a song One of these days I'll take my conscience out to lunch One of these days I'm gonna buy the plans and build the atom bomb One of these days I'll have the guts to play my hunch One of these days One of these days Any day now Any day now


Mirando en un espejo la reflexión destrozada de nuestra cara.


released September 16, 2018

Mariano Platino: Batería.
Fer Suarez: Guitarra, diseño y arte, voces y letras en 1,3, 5, 7, 8, 9 y 11. Sintetizador monofónico en 1. Samples en 6.
Manuel Platino: Bajo, grabación, mezcla, masterización, producción,
voces y letras en 2 y 4, coros en 8. Theremin en 6. Saxo en 5. Sintetizador monofónico en 12. Samples en 10.

Agustín Mendoza: Violín en 10 y 11.
Duck Malatesta: Voz en 12.

Grabado entre Noviembre de 2017 y mayo de 2018 en Randolph Carter Studios.
Sample en 6: Recopilación extraida de una grabación en la caja negra de un accidente aéreo.
Sample en 10: Stephen Hawking en entrevista con el New York Times, 2004.

Todos los temas por (NO) Chromosome, excepto 12 por Cop Shoot Cop.




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